do I have substantive grounds for an Annulment re my marriage & pend divorce

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August 7, 2006 5:09pm CST
My name is Michael; I am in the middle of a divorce. This was my first marriage at the age of 56. This marriage was very Turbulent and Toxic from the get/go! This marriage lasted about 12 and a half months; and though (Emotionally Overwhelmied( ; i decided to file for a Divorce last November. I was unable to consumate our marriage and, breifly after our marriage began, I lost any desire to even try. I do have some degree of Mental and Emotional D isability and Challenge. I discussed this matter with my wife on several occassions when we were dating breifly before marriage. She was not too concerned; perhaps; as I believe now- because, her primary purpose was to gain/obtain legal status in this country ASAP! I was in a Deep Mental and Emotional fog and was unable to process and fully grasp my situation. (I know I am at fault here.) She quite often became extremly angry and volitile; packing all her possessions on at least 8 to 10 times during our( breif) courtship. Finally, under much pressure, concern and reticense; I agreed to marry her, "Hortensia" - in a civil ceremony at the LA County Courthouse in Norwalk, CA. Her extreme volitle (threatening to leave behavior); unfortunatly continued on several occassions after we married; (often) , on what should have been a (minor) misunderstanding at best. However, simple, honest, and open communication was not and option here and perhaps, never was! Lastly, before we were married; I was overwhelmed, confused and very emotionally distraught !!! I wanted to be rescued; but, was unable to rescue myself ! I prayed and hoped for guidance and, that I was not making a mistake; but, I sure felt uneasy!
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@Andy77 (432)
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10 Aug 06
Sedel1027 has given you excellent advice. An annulment should not be a problem, but see a lawyer.
@sedel1027 (17854)
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7 Aug 06
Since you have not been married for very long and you did not consumate your marriage you should be able to get an annulment instead of a divorce. I suggest you consult an attorney to find out what your best options are. To me, this sounds like this divorce could get out of hand very quickly with her moods and you should have the best legal representatoin that you can afford to avoid being taken to the cleaners.