My Neighbour Doesnt Make Any Sense

August 3, 2007 2:43am CST
He lives next to our bakery store. I can say he is not a tolerated person. He never allows any cars especially our cars park in front of his. He will make up any reasons to get rid the cars in front of his door, such as he is moving out or moving in his car, that he wants to park his car in front his house. Its true that he does that, but I think sometimes he just does that so we will not take his parking place. None of the neighbour include us will do such thing. If there is a car parking in front of our home, we will just park them at some where else. Not only that, he also oftenly complains about the noises come from my machine in the middle on the night. This is absolutely ridiculous coz we never make any bakery things in the middle of nite. Who will any way? He even persuded the other neighbour to join him to complain us. And even worst, he reported us to district head. And they also agreed with us that we done nothing wrong. There are still more, he ever jumped over my 4th floor and went to 3rd in early morning and abused all my employees with harsh words. Fortunately my employess dont want any troubles so they just let him. If not, he would be a dead meat. And he also has a bad habit, he likes to throw garbages in front of our store. This is off course not good reminding that we are selling food. Fortunately the grabege man always comes early in the morning so its not quite a problem. He has troubes not only with us but also with some of neighbour there too. Do you have such neighbour around you? What will you do if you have one like mine?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
3 Aug 07
People can be very strange, I think they can have a very narrow way of thinking, I have a neighbour that has 5 grown children, three that still live at home, if anyone parks in front of their house they knock on the door and tell these people to move their car as that is their parking spot, but then two of their kids park out the front of other peoples houses so what is their thinking, do they think that they own the land out the front of their house but no-body else does,I just don't understand how people get their reasoning.
• Indonesia
3 Aug 07
Thats are so true. Sometimes people are just to selfish. They dont even think about others' feeling. Actually I hve the neighbour here next to my own home. Its not the owner who acts like this, but their driver. Kinda strange, huh? But what can I say?