I need a few men to interview

United States
August 3, 2007 4:37am CST
I am looking for a few men to interview for a new book that I am working on. If you are a man and have ever been involved in a long term relationship chances are that you can help me. What I am looking for are men that have lied to their spouses/girlfriends/significant others for no apparent reason. Let's face it guys, there have been times when you could have just as easily have told the truth but instead have either told a lie or avoided the question of, "Where were you?" altogether. You may not have been with another woman, but, were accused of it. You may not have slept with or even wanted to sleep with the woman you were with but instead of telling your woman that you were here and did this, you have lied. For example: One of the men I have already interviewed spent an entire night, morning and half the afternoon just riding around. After 19 hours he went home. When his wife asked him where he was he said, "Here and there." "What were you doing?" she asked. "Nothing much." "Why didn't you come home?" she asked. "There wasn't anything cold to drink here." Now, honestly, what do you think she thought of this response? The truth is that he did go for a ride and then got hungry and thirsty. He stopped at a convenience store to get something to eat and drink and had every intention of going home. He had only been gone for about 2 hours at this point and wasn't but 8 miles from the house. About a mile from the store he had a flat. He changed the tire to find that the spare had a slow leak. He did not make it to the next station and ended up sitting there for some time until a friend came by with an air tank. He had not seen the friend in a long time and spent most of the day with him and his girlfriend. Why didn't he tell his wife? Because his old friends girlfriend was his first wife. His third wife, the one that waited 19 hours for him to come home left him because of this situation. Do you have a story like this one? Then I need to hear it. The questionnaire that I have for you is only four short questions. I will warn you that later I may ask you to talk with me via online messenger service, sorry, I am mute and can not interview over the phone. I would like to thank you in advance.
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