whats the funniest/embarrasing thing your child ever said in a public place?

@peanutjar (5211)
August 3, 2007 6:10am CST
My daughter is quite the little clown and when they are young, they say anything that comes to their little mind.We were at the grocery store in line one day and there was an elderly man behind us waiting.Obviously he had no teeth and my daughter saw that right away.She turned to the man and said "Did the tooth fairy come and take all your teeth?She took mine and only left me a $1.00.I bet you got alot!"I was so red and embarrased it was unbelievable,i felt like crawling in a hole to die.The man just laughed while the cashier had a smerk and big eyes.Tell you embarrasing moment.
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• India
13 Jan 08
I dont have any kids but yet i remember an event told by one of my friend related to kids and like to share with u....My friend has a very smart,intelligent cousin who has these habbit of speaking wage,unnecessary things in public...Once there weremany relatives in the house for the function...and this girl was playing some pranks...Annoyed by her behavior her father asked her to stay quiet or else just terrorised her that he would slap her with his hands...Staring at her father the girl just asked her mom to get a knife so as to cut off the father's hands as he was about to slap her....this was the most embarrasing situation as she never cared about the public present in the house and just said what came in her mind....