finally darfur will be saved

@zabawaus (1732)
United States
August 3, 2007 7:35am CST
Darfur will a big dark blemish on history of humanity. In front of everybody's eyes more than 300.000 people died, thousands of women and young girls are raped and killed, millions of them are forced to leave their homes. And nobody did anything for Darfur. And they didn't even ashamed about it. I guess it was all about there wasn't OIL in Darfur. And finally UN is sending peace corps to the area. It is already late. But still this is the best news I've learned for a long time.
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@vmenard (895)
• United States
25 Nov 07
I know there has been talk, and then more talk, and then talks have been scheduled, and all the while the people of Darfur or dying. I recently saw the film, Darfur Now and the sadest part was listening to the people in the refugee camps who said, "The white man will come and defeat the janjaweed and then we will be able to go back to our land, and be safe." After 4 years they still have faith and hope, amazing...
@zabawaus (1732)
• United States
5 Dec 07
Yes vmenard , It is so sad. :( Thank you for your answer.!!! have a great day