Do you have Sodium hydroxide in your home?

United States
@raydene (9871)
August 3, 2007 11:07am CST
Sodium Hydroxide is know to cause from eye problems to death.. It is so important to begin to go green. These chems can kill you! This dangerous chemical is in the following Brand Category Form Percent Mothers Car Wash Auto products liquid Castrol Super Clean Auto products pump spray 1-5 Mothers Magnesium/Aluminum Polish Auto products liquid Classic Car Wash Auto products liquid 2-4 Armor All No. 7 Rubbing Compound Auto products paste 0-1 Zep Industrial Purple Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser-02/22/2002 Auto products liquid 0-10 Armor All No. 7 White Polishing Compound Auto products paste 0-1 Tilex Instant Mildew Remover-10/01/2000 Home inside liquid 0.5-2 Pro Formula 409 Degreaser-10/01/2000 Home inside pump spray 0.1-0.5 Clorox Clean Up Cleaner with Bleach-04/01/2002 Home inside liquid 0.5-2 Clorox Clean Up Spray with Bleach-04/01/2002 Home inside pump spray 0.5-2 Clorox Ultra Bleach-Fresh Wildflowers Home inside liquid 0.5-1 Clorox Ultra Regular Bleach 1 Gal. Home inside liquid