Do you take baths or showers?

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United States
August 3, 2007 11:51am CST
I love to come home from a stressful day and jump in the shower for nice, hot refreshness. I dunno why, I just to. I used to take baths all the time when I was younger but I realized you sit in your own dirt or do you? When you take a bath are you really getting clean or are you washing your dirt back on you? How about you? What do you do?
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• United States
3 Aug 07
After a day at work or when feeling dirty I love a shower. It's refreshing and doesn't take as much water either. I also like baths too when I just want to relax. I have a whirlpool tub so I light candles around it and just enjoy the peacefulness for a little while when I can. I guess thats my most frequent meditation spot.
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@Feona1962 (7527)
• United States
4 Aug 07
I take both. If I take a bath, I will rinse myself off with the shower nozzle. That way I can get all the soap bubbles off of me..I prefer showers, especially when I wash my hair..
• Canada
3 Aug 07
I take a shower. A bath wastes too much water and your never really clean after a bath...