I want to set up a shop in ebay,what should i pay attention?

@carryli (876)
August 3, 2007 11:58am CST
Hi,my friends.I want to set up a shop in ebay,because i never sell goods on internet,so i don't what i should do.I intent to sell Stainless Steel Cookware.Why i thoose Stainless Steel Cookware.Because there are several big companies in my hometown which manufacture Stainless Steel Cookware,and their products also are selt in overseas.I can insure the quality of the product.But now i know how to set a shop anything,please help me.i have several problem: 1)how to set up the shop? 2)how to publicize the shop? 3)how to post the goods to foreign countries?I am in China. Thank you!
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