religion!!!!! my religion is humanity wats urs......

August 3, 2007 4:46pm CST
hey this post is not to show superiority of any religion or vice versa,its just to unite mankind.....where is our humanity...why the hell we fighting 4 each others religion...u have a peek in orkut,forums,even in mylot,fellas throwing heated words over each other......its really bad 4 us all..u know wat GOD is ONE...he is seeing all of us with open eyes,and if u do insane things u will be punished if not in this birth,next birth or in one or other be sane and ppl,dont hurt others...flirting with some1 hearts,backstabbing m8s,wat its gonna fetch lets unite all religion-hindu,christian,sikh,muslim,budhist etc all should work for man god teach us war,bloodshed...its only us maggots who took there words as holy wars....its brutalizing and terrorising world...i am losing my religion MY QUESTION IS : wat's ur religion
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• United States
3 Aug 07
I personally think the word for what i am is Agnostic but i'm not sure though. I believe god is there but i don't exactly have faith in him. Do i think that he will magically take away all of my problems? No. If that were the case i wouldn't have gone through as much as i have and am going through but either way, i believe he's there but not really to the extent that i do everything through him.
• India
4 Aug 07
hiya firegoddess,u damn right when ya say he cant magically take away ur problems but u know what u gotta have faith in him,there is some power which is dominating in this world,if we have no faith in our religion,than we all end up smothering each other like butchers buddy....have patience,he might be testing ya buddy...its nice to know u believe him,he would be gazing ya-with his eyes focussed on ya and the downtime u undergoing,so believe him...u will be rewarded one or other way...there wont be any magic ya tats for sure...hahahaha....keep on doing sane things but be clever when ya trust or give ur heart 2 any1 bcoz when ya trust some1 u givin him or her right to hurt u...c ya