Men on Abortion

United States
August 3, 2007 7:46pm CST
Ok, I have a question for the males out there. What's your view on abortion? Do you have any experience in the matter? And should a man be allowed a say (not necessarily the deciding say) in whether an abortion is performed? We hear a lot about the women's viewpoints, but a man is just as vital in creating a fetus as a woman, so tell me what you think.
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@nickventere (1424)
• Zambia
4 Aug 07
I personally am totally against abortion, but I was found in a critical situation before. But in this day and age, you find a woman giving the man all sorts of reasons to abort, most of them very personal to the woman. It could be medical or just social. Some would want to complete an education programme first, and so forth. However, personally I think it entirely depends on how strong the relationship is between two people involved. Then, the man definitely must have a say on whether the operation has to be carried out or not. A man, sometimes, may be very passionate about the expected child forming in his woman and carrying out an abortion would actually even be more traumatising on the man by, say, the woman who insists she has to have one under all circumstances. Therefore, I feel it is a matter for both parties, depending on the relationship they are in, to decide the way forward. otherwise, the woman can do what she wills with her body!
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• United States
4 Aug 07
Excellent response. I've found that most men I've spoken to actually feel the way you do, which belies the whole irresponsible sperm donor theory. I figure it takes two to make a baby, so it ought to take two to decide what to do with that child. If someone wants to opt out of decision-making, it ought to be documented on paper and legalized. Too many complications ensue in the shades of gray. If you don't want a kid, it's not all that hard to wrap it up. Blessed Be
@tsitra100 (171)
• Barbados
25 Aug 07
I've started this discussion in my profile, and actually it was one of the more interesting ones. If you have the time and I hope you do, check out my profile......tell me what you think please.
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