U have colleagues who act differently after they get promoted??

@1qazxsw2 (512)
August 4, 2007 1:44am CST
My best pal at work got promoted from engineer to manager..and he became someone else.. We don't go out for lunch anymore now like we use to and he only mix with the other managers..The way he talk to the us the engineers also change and there is a bossy air around him. Altho I don't report to him, he still shows some different attitude to me and his ex-peers..
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@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
8 Aug 07
Hello 1qazxsw2, Oh, I don't like that kind of attitude! Maybe your best friend thinks that he is better than others now. He thinks that you and the rest of your pals who are not getting promoted are not at the same par with him anymore. He is a manager and the rest of you are just ordinary engineers. He sounds arrogant to me right now *smile* For me, if any of my colleagues think that he/she is better than others just because he/she gets promoted to a better position in the company and starts to act differently to the rest of us, I will just ignore him/her. Sooner or later, he/she will come back to us. We work in the same company and we need each other to achieve our goals.
@Mitraa (3188)
• India
7 Aug 07
Yes, such (un)expected things happen in many establishments and I think this is due to ego, false vanity and professional jealousy. These persons forget their long associations just by a promotion or monitary benefit. They must be shown pity. Thanks.
@maehan (1445)
• United States
7 Aug 07
Unfortunately, they are people with just character. Well, one of my previous buddy where working together with me behave the same way as you mentioned. She act as if she is different from anybody else. She drift away from us, having lunch with other manager, when she sees us, she just smile instead of talking to us just like previously. But, at least she smile, huh. Believe it or not, once I promoted to the same status as her. She came back to me and invite me to have lunch together. I smile at her and tell her if she do not mind to join with our previous buddies. Ah har, she drop out. I continue having lunch, tea-break and outing with my usual buddies including my staff whom are my buddies. Don't you think that's better. Your staff and peers support you all the way like pals instead of superior? I like the way I behave. Thus, till today, my staff and peers and superior invite me join them when I returned to Singapore. I am so glad.
• Philippines
5 Aug 07
I know what you mean..sometimes people get a huge head on this..they cannot handle the position that well that goes along with the co-workers..there are people like this really as i met lots of them..they seem to be so hard to reach once they had their position..yes they are the boss now and ahead of us..sometimes they forgot that they once been on the same position through hardship and hard work but this thing should not get into their heads..it can affect the relationship as a boss and a regular employee