wrong choice from this players?????

August 4, 2007 2:07am CST
i have seen that players not take manutd purpose have failed in the team have get it like robben,fernando torres,mascherano....excepts ronaldinho:P,u have just wait an see........?????
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@Puffer (92)
• Singapore
5 Aug 07
Good observation there, my friend. I don't understand why these players think they are not big enough or should I say 'man' enough to take up the United jersey. I'm specially pissed off by Robben who had been invited to tour the United home ground and then snubbed the club. I think with his type of attitude, he shouldn't make it even to other big clubs like R Madrid or AC Milan for that matter. Some players reject a big club for good personal reasons but if a big player only wants to join a particular club for sole financial reason, then he is not likely to make it good for that club. Take it as a blessing that United do not have players like Robben. It's the player's loss, not the club.
@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
5 Aug 07
Fail or not is sometimes depend on the player too.If they seriously want to be a star,they will make it hardly as what ronaldinho done!The fail is not just because they're not join MU but just because they just a little co-operation in they team.The will getting stronger if the co-operaton between all player,coach and the club management is at the top label!
• Brazil
5 Aug 07
well.. a contusion maybe
@muazly (1)
• Malaysia
4 Aug 07
yea..maybe fernando torres will broke his leg twice...huhuhu