India Will Lose 3rd Test ! What You say.......?

@vkbllm (474)
August 4, 2007 10:29am CST
Hello Guys...... I am of opinion that India will surely repeat its losing performance and lose its lead of 1-0 in upcoming test. India always do so on over seas tours, so I am nor genius predictor. I have faith on Indian Team's derogatory performance. So what you guys say?
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@raviivar (66)
• India
9 Aug 07
no i cant agree with should not say that .things nwill not be happened in the same way for every time.the fate mey be changed.thewinning and lossing is depended not only on the players but also on the fate also.we have to remember that thing also. we know that almost 9 members i mean 9 players of our team are so good and are best in the worlds cricket.but the main drawback for our players is the lazyness .but now a days i am not finding thuis lazyness in our i have the confidance that our players will reach the things in our favour.after the great disappoinment of the world cup in the last year i think they have learned a lot .because comeout of world cup through leagues is a great disapponitment and that is a big prestige now they are taking more care about the match the first test match our players have done some mistakes but in the second test match those mistakes have been reduced.and they are placed in a good in my openion they will get it.we know that for every time our players have been failing to get the series in the abroad for a long time .but now they are in the way to get it . so this is a happiest thing to us .so we have to encourage our players to achive this glory in passoinic say india to get the glory.thank you
• India
7 Aug 07
I sure hope to God that you are correct. England was plain and simple unlucky in the first test. India grouped well in the second test. But it was no reflection of the indian team's capabilites. After the world cup debacle, we were very hopeful of an upheaval in the team and looked forward to a young captain and fresh legs. instead the nation is still having to suffer Dravid (whose batting has also taken a downslide). i think he is a most uninspiring captian and has no right to be in the hot seat. i mean if Greg Chappel (i am no fan of his) was removed coz he could not deliver the goods, Dravid should have been removed by the same logic. and no one will believe that he is being given time to settle. since when has the BCCI started giving 'time to settle' to all its players? Dravid, due to his non-interfering nature, is just suiting everybody fine. to see india win in england under him, would be an insult to the spirit of the indian team that last won in england under Kapil Dev.
@ydiwan (448)
• India
6 Aug 07
Well i would love to agree with u but my love for my coutry is not helping me to agree with u and i know india has been guilty in the past of looseing a Test as soon as they win one over seas but i am keeping my fingers crossed that it does not happen this time around
• India
5 Aug 07
no way how you tell? last match india played well
@sarathys (237)
• India
5 Aug 07
hi,considering from the past results this might happen with an innings defeat also but we cant simply say coz indians were with a slogan WE WILL WIN n this makes them play good in the third see that
• India
4 Aug 07
nah....India will surely win this time..theres an aggression this time... i think they'll go for thr kill..england beware..