don't you think the twins are heros in this movie?

August 4, 2007 11:24am CST
they are the funniest, smartest,and bravest boys in harry potter5,don't you think they are the real heros?
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• Singapore
10 Aug 07
The twins are not Hero characters, they are good as Hero sidekicks. But Hermione on the other hand, she maybe a mudblood but her intelligence would be more than enough to be a Heroin character. She knew a lot more of magic words/tricks than Harry, doesn't she? ;)
• China
10 Aug 07
yeah,i agree with you, hermione is really a marvellous witch.but what i mean is the surprizing things that light the darkness,for example,joke shop,bring people laughter when all the news are bad.
@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
6 Aug 07
Yes. They are very funniest and their bravery is shown in order of phoenix when they leave the school with some weasley funny acts. This is very well picturised in the movie. Even though they are mischievous, still they have sincerity in the sense, when Harry gives them the prize money, they take it but with a condition that it is a loan and they will give it back.
• China
6 Aug 07
I like the twins because they are funny and have strong personality.But I don't think they are heroes.
@jaichen (142)
• Philippines
6 Aug 07
have you read harry potter 7? you will then realize that they can't beat harry being a hero.....
@toe_ster (771)
• United States
4 Aug 07
No I don't. As much as I love their characters. They provided a good comedic relief and service to their fellow students in book five. They decided to quit school and go out with a bang. I don't think it made them a hero but it does give them great admiration. I do think those two are hilarious and was very sad in book 7 as to what happened to them.