How many wishes did you get today??

August 5, 2007 4:43am CST
HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!! Ok now so this is how i thought i gotta start this discussion. Friends, friend are life. They what we are all here for..err..... I mean in any social networking site, and what better day do you think, will be ours? I mean friendship day is the only day that we getta enjoy with our cyber friends. Thats the day we all can celebrate, enjoy and be merry! After all, sunday is off and we dont get that much of a chance to be with our school,college or office buddies. Well, since the past few months i have been a bit too regular on orkut ;-) obviously, i have made loads of friends and fans :D joined many communities and have even got the chance of moderating i few powerful communities. Hence, my friends' list keeps on increasing! And today when i logged into my wont believe it.... I had nearly 200 scraps from friends wishing me a happy friends day! I was sooo excited on seeing all of those scraps! And thats when my friend called me up and claimed he had 500 scraps in his scrapbook!......Jealous! Yeah... I was, and am still jealous of him (just in in a light manner :-)) so friends, how about sharing with up here, the number of wishes you got today? It would be nice to hear from your side also....How you spent the day, how many friends did you wish and all that blah blah blah! Be frank and share some light moment of the day here. I know, the will be many who MUST have played pranks also today :D it would be good if can make up laugh too by telling 'em if you have played any. Bye for now, see ya again
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