My Lammas

August 5, 2007 8:52am CST
Life is getting in the way, that was the common excuse we have been using for months since we last did a celebration on a pagan sabbat. The truth is that we're a bunch of lazy, half-*censored* pagans who ain't serious enough to make the effort. But this time we did, and in spite of the chaotic, last minute, we-did-not-really-plan-it-but-somehow-it-worked-ness, the Lammas ritual DID happen. And they say miracles don't happen to heretics like us. It was a simple but great ritual. I had a great time burning my fingers trying to move a flaming mini-cauldron, and the headache from the choking sage smoke was a great reminder that I still have a bag of that stuff to finish. Note to self: Bigger plates next time, the boiling clouds COULD have been the gods hinting about the offerings rolling off the table. The symbolic game (just so that it's more 'Lammas-y') was a great hit. I do hope that the winners get their wishes granted like we asked the gods. It was great, we really have to do that again, especially the wine. Blessings Scammerwear
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