Is There Happiness For The Couples Who Married For Love?

August 5, 2007 12:53pm CST
Maybe this story can be a thought for us, especially the ones who plan to get married. There was a story of a poor young man, lets name him Ben. He had a simple family if its wouldnt be called poor. His dad worked as a taylor in the village. Coz of his deligence, Ben finally graduated from university. During his studies for 4 years, he felt in love a girl, lets named her Lucy, who also studied in the same university. Lucy was a daughter of kinda wealthy family. Eventhough, they came from different status but they loved each other. Lucy's dad who knew that she loved Ben so much, couldnt do anything. So after, they graduated, they had a great wedding party. Since Ben's dad didnt have money, sohe could only give them clothes, bed sheets that he sewed himself. Were Lucy happy to be married to Ben? In fact, their happiness didnt go for long. And there came their first night. They both entered their room happily. But when Ben took off his clothes, only in his boxer, Lucy suddenly screamed loudly and finally fainted. All the family and relatives came after hearding the screaming. Ben, while feeling confused, still looking for the reason his wife fainted. He starred at his own boxer. Oh... Ben forgot that he was wearing the boxer that his dad made for him from flour container material. And on the middle of it, there were still written clearly the words of " Netto : 25 kilograms " LoL.... Don't be too serious like that reading it.
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@ibsnet (1268)
• India
5 Aug 07
The joke was nice. But if both lovers have really loved each other they can sacrifice anything in the world to keep their love happy. So if Ben and Lucy loves really their marriage should lead to a happy married life. Love does not know cause effects, ifs and buts.
• Indonesia
6 Aug 07
Thanks. But first I want to ask if you really understand about this joke. If you can really analyze it you will just think this will be a simple joke. There are two meanings it. So which one you got? Can you tell me?