Why is Fingerhut so expensive?

United States
August 5, 2007 4:46pm CST
Today I was browsing the Fingerhut website and came across a really cute "My little pony" comforter. And, when I looked at the price it said, $59.00! At first I thought that must be the price for the entire set, comforter, sheets, pillow sham, etc. But, the price was just for the comforter! Can you believe it? I have seen an identical "My little pony" comforter for under $20 at the online Kmart store. Have you noticed how expensive the Fingerhut has gotten lately? Why do they charge so much money for stuff you can get so cheaply at any store? Aren't they already making a fortune on the interest that they are charging people who buy their stuff on installment plan? I guess I could understand buying something from them that I needed now, but could not otherwise afford. But, there's no way I would pay $60 for something that I could find elsewhere for $20! Outrageous, don't you think? Have you had the same "sticker shock" experience when you try to shop with Fingerhut or other installment plan retailers?