time travel and reincarnation

@shelagh77 (3643)
August 5, 2007 7:21pm CST
I read an article which said that a scientist may be on the brink of achieving time travel. At the moment only a very small time would be possible but the theory is there for longer time spans. I wondered what would happen if somebody did time travel and met with themselves in an earlier life, what would happen do you think? Would this create a paradox or would it just be something that was meant to happen? I have turned my brain inside out pondering this one.
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@rainbow (6763)
8 Aug 07
I know that you can meet people who you knew in a past life but that's mystic stuff and great fun. Time travel, hhhm ever noticed how sometimes an hour lasts forever and other times a whole day just zips past? How about those times when you astral travel back to a differnt part of your life or another life, are you still you then. what about times when you loose a couple of hours? Ask yourself are you temporally focused - a lot of people live in the past and talk about it after it happens, some people live in the future and are always looking forwards, some of us live in the moment and try not to worry about the other stuff. I think there's ony so much life force and we proably do reincarnate, I'd like to be a pet of someone as soft as me next time, lol!
• Pakistan
6 Aug 07
wooooh where have you read that article ,any link ? anyway making a time travel machine is not a safe decision by scientist , i think it will destroy the world if gone in wrong hands, i dont think that we will ever see a time machine ,but may be because before computer no person can even think about it and about incarnation i dont believe it
@faby2k (62)
• Jamaica
6 Aug 07
I would like to know more. Where did you find this article?
@spyjax (46)
• United States
6 Aug 07
I prefer wrapping my mind around the prospect of our existing in one universe among an infinite array of other universes within in infinite swath of space. Your life may be good or bad now, but their are boundless opportunities for things to swing the other way. Sadly, we won't have the faintest clue when our future "reincarnations" will occur, or how many already have. Check out cosmologists Frank Tippler, Michio Kaku, and Brian Greene. As you can tell, I respect their infinite space.:)
6 Aug 07
to be honest i can't think to hard about the ins and outs of it bacuse i just confuse myself and end up with a headache. But basically i think it would be a huge mess. People would be getting lost , changing history , nothing could ever be set in stone. Also loads of criminal would just hide out in another century ( if it ever became for public use , which most things like space do eventually) and even if not u's have world leaders going back to change the outcomes of wars. the list is endless but unfortunately i have to stop thinking about it coz that headache is coming on lol
• Malaysia
6 Aug 07
To me if I am able to go into a time travel machine, I would change major things that I hate during the past time. I am very happy to have the chance to correct things that shouldn't happen due to immaturity of myself during that time. Should time travel is transformed into reality, I would be one of the first person to travel through it. I am very eager to meet myself during my early years and I am not going to feel terrified or anything. I am positive about this, and I am sure it will bring many advantages than disadvantages.