Doom-very good for what it is

August 6, 2007 2:21am CST
Despite what many others may say, this movie is very good for what it is, a mindless action movie. I enjoyed the game itself very much. I was expecting a horror movie, but I soon realized that it is an action movie. Well, what can you expect from an action movie other than lots of shooting and some suspense? If you think the movie is shallow, it is , but its supposed to be. Anyone who complains about the movie being a mindless shooting movie should realize that this is not the movie for them, so they should go watch one of their "emotional "movies if they want. However, if you need a break and just want your testosterone pumping so you can take a break from life and just be a manly man. If you don't like The Rock, then go watch a romance or comedy, this movie isn't for you. However, if you like the video game and like mindless action, this is the movie for you. Remember , not every movie has to have some deep meaning or evoke emotion, some movies are just for fun. This is one of them.
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