if you love your babies then how much time will you spend with them?

@binny29 (1527)
August 6, 2007 4:16am CST
some parents dont find time to be iwth their children so how much time do all of you spend with your child
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@welllife (90)
• China
7 Aug 07
In my opinion,free time is always go with you,you can find it if you do really want to be with your children,but I'm sorry to say that almost every parent will say they have no time.
• India
6 Aug 07
I do spend a lot of time with my little ones.They are wholly dependent on me for everything,...as they are very small,so I do give them a lot of time.I cannot define the time in terms of hours.Spending that much of time,which my babies require of me on a daily basis for their physical,mental and emotional well-being is what I ensure I give them.I hope my efforts will be rewarded and my girls turn out to be confident,secure and responsible individuals ,...what I think every mother would want for her child.This is what love for your child guides you to do for your child.
@rinkub (231)
• India
6 Aug 07
For my husband and me, our son is the best company. I've chosen not to work outside home so that I can be with my son. On holidays, the three of us spend a lot of time together. Either we play family games such as Monopoly or go out for long drives or picnics. Sometimes, we visit friends but we prefer to visit people who have kids the same age as ours. We cannot imagine enjoying without our little son around. He's so vivacious and is completely involved with all activities. He's got some imaginary friends as well and he and his dad go around on the bike often to meet them! I really don't know how parents can enjoy without their kids. They make you so young, they are so full of life and so much fun. They make you feel so complete!
• United States
6 Aug 07
I took my first one night vacation from my son since he was born 2 years ago July 28. I went to a wedding with my husband and rather than driving the 2 hours back home after it was over we stayed in the hotel where the reception was held. Nick stayed with his grandparents. On a normal day he does have to spend from 8am to 4pm in daycare. that is when I sleep. I work overnights and need to continue working so we have health insurance. when I go get him from daycare we go for a walk and then play outside for a while. We then go in and cook, eat supper, and then read books or play together till it is bedtime.
@jothis (519)
• India
6 Aug 07
Normally with this busy schedules parents are not getting enough time to spend with their parents. But we have to think from the side of our children. They are not at all aware of these things. So make sure that we are taking this into account. Me every day spend evening time with my sisters children. So that thay will fee happy. didnt give timings because every body like to spend time with childrens
@no_chao (550)
• Philippines
6 Aug 07
i dont have baby yet but since i was very protective with my kittens and so in to them that i feed them trice to 4x aday and give them comfortabke sleep... i think it shows enough how would i be to become a mother... ^_^