@rinkub (231)
August 6, 2007 6:36am CST
Okay, so, how many of you actually enjoy watching cartoons? This would include animated movies like Finding Nemo, Lion King etc also. Earlier, I had no choice. I was subjected to the cartoon network round the clock by my son but over a period of time I've actually started enjoying them. Not all, I don't enjoy The power League kind of series. My personal favourites are Asterix, Tintin, some good classic movies. I feel relaxed while watching these movies and somehow I feel these movies are more real than the normal movies which are getting increasingly boring!
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@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
7 Aug 07
I'm happy watching cartoon like Mt Bean,Crayon Sinchan,Doraemon,Naruto,Finding Nemo,and many more! Just the other way for me to release tension and stress from my university activity!
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@lecanis (16739)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
6 Aug 07
I love cartoons! All kinds of cartoons, cartoon movies, cartoon tv shows, American cartoons, anime, anything animated really! I've just always liked cartoon. I really think that animation is an art form, and when I see something with really good animation I get excited about it. Some of my favorite cartoon movies are so pretty, like Brother Bear, some of the effects for the spirits in that movie are just awesome. I think the other reason I live cartoons so much is that it makes suspension of disbelief easier than with live action. Anything can happen in a cartoon and you'll accept it, and not worry about whether it's realistic or how much special effects were involved, because it's a cartoon and it's supposed to be unrealistic.
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@bapinag (30)
• India
8 Aug 07
I love cartoons......... I love cartoons. It relieves my tension, make me fresh, and renew my energy. Yessssss............ I love cartoons.......
@student7 (1002)
• United States
6 Aug 07
All right, I will admit that I do like watching cartoons. I like Lilo and Stitch the series and such. I own Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and such. I like to just watch and not have to think about what is going on. I love the colors they use in Finding Nemo, it seems kind of relaxing.