A very different GPT site-must see for the online money maker!!!!

@cmsk2005 (1770)
United States
August 7, 2007 3:57am CST
Hi my friends, I have found a very different and unique GPT site and I am so excited that today morning I opened myLot to let you know about it. This is simply gorgeous! Free to join? Yes-but that is no more big deal, everyone is free to join. This will give you a lot extra. They will give you $1.5 instantly to you account for sign-up bonus. If you join this week, thru the referral link, they offer an extra $3.5 to your account, this is a limited time offer for getting their 1000th referral. The most excited thing is that they have $5 payout by paypal or check, so if you join now, you will get the payout on the same day????? Yes. You will get also a 25 points bonus for sign up-you can exchange points for cash or advertise!! The second interesting feature is: they have a Paid to chat box inside this GPT site. Simple chat with 1 line questions or answer or simple talk about anything will earn 0.01 cents instantly to your account. No limit on how many times you can chat in one day. Paid to click options are amazing, many links with 0.1 c with no timer, click and finish. Link for 0.35C has 15 sec timer. Many PTC links every day to click thru. Other earning options are also huge for US, Europe and International members-they have seperate sections for all of them, each of them has separate paid to sign up offers based on their locations. Earn through playing games, jackpot and many many contests. So isn't it different and gorgeous? If you are interested please check my profile here, there is my blog. Check my blog and you can find this gorgeous program on the very first column of my blog-Yes There is a new traffic-read it, sign up and enjoy!! If anybody has problem to reach there thru this, please PM me. I will get back to you ASAP Thanks friends
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