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August 7, 2007 5:24am CST
I recently invested in and I would like to have other people's opinion on how it works for you. It should appear like this: 1) are your premium member? 2) how many referrals do you have? (how many did you buy, how many are active ? 3) how much do you make a day (in average). Count your clicks in the lot. 4) How long has it been? (do referrals still click after some time?) For me: 1) yes 2) I have 22 referrals. 2 free. I bought a set of 15 and I got 5 more with the premium set. 3 are not active. 3) In average I earn $ 1 to 1.10 a day. 4) I bought my referrals 13 days ago and became premium 11 days ago I hope you will share your experiene, so we can compare our experiences and really create food for thought for people who hesitate!!
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