we had to drop our big project of making cheap match sticks.

@navtech (1776)
August 7, 2007 10:21am CST
When were only 12 years, during the summer holidays, we five friends had no important things to do. One of the friends suggested that we should do something for the benefit of the society. One suggested, we clean the street, another said; we would plant trees so and so forth. Every welfare promotion plan of ours had some obstacles. Ultimately we decided to invent cheap matchsticks. Many raw materials were bought without knowing its consequences. Basic raw material was brought from ”PALM TREE”. To make a nice power of basic raw material, it took 7 days. That too we were able produce only 1 kg. The question was how to mix them to make a paste. Various suggestions among us cropped up. Ultimately we decided to use kerosene. We could not make a good paste with kerosene. All the raw materials were kept in big mouth pot about 20 meters away from the place where we were sitting and discussing. The friend who mixed the raw material with kerosene, out of sheer frustration, threw back the paste into the raw material pot. Immediately there was a big explosion took place, sound of the explosion reached more than a mile. Fortunately nothing happened to us except our ear drum was out of order for a week. We had to drop our big project of making cheap match sticks due to the above big accident in our factory.
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