What and who is ur favorite soccer player and ur team

August 7, 2007 3:33pm CST
talk about ur favorite ream and soccer player, reasion why he is ur favorite. One more thing, his not better then mine.
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• India
16 Jul 08
Favorite team is Brazil and favorite player now is christian ronaldo. He is really having great skills in passing the ball and i love him
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@Nooby007 (21)
• Belgium
23 Aug 07
My favourite team is Club Brugge from Belgium. My fav player would be Stijn Stijnen, he's the goalkeeper of Club Brugge. I've been a fan of him for quiet some time now.
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@vlady11 (15)
• Romania
13 Aug 07
My favourite soccer is Gatuso FROM AC MILAN ,I DON'T LIKE AC MILAN BUT I LIKE GATUSO,HE IS ONE OF THE PLAYER WHO HAVE A GOOD atittude andis one of the best deffensiv playerson the world. Barcelona is my favourite team.In this team are lots of good players and good staff.I think, barcelona is the best team on the world, and have the most fans . fc barcelonaaaaaaaa
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@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
9 Aug 07
My favourite team is Barcelona and Mancheter United! And my favourite player is Rooney and Ronaldinho!(This is moost favourite player)
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@arvensis (85)
• India
7 Aug 07
and who is yours one??any way,in a soccer player i look for the attitude he/she play with.i like positive thinking, jollyness while playing an important thing is having good skills at least at the job they are given,but here also i cant like the skillfull player with a lot of egoism or an unfriendly behaviour towards other players, i like the players who make the environment positive for their team even if only mentally.in short you can say i mostly like playmakers:).i like some players for the attitudes i just described above,but i cant say that they are my favorites because perhaps i dont understand the meaning of the word 'favorite'if it means that which players i like to watch playing then there are a few such players-pablo aimar-he is just so skillfull player,his passes are quite calculated and awefull,he is very quick also not as much as he was in his plata days but even then he is outstanding.after him perhaps rafael marquez with his experienced defensive skills, juquine-he just always try to get the ball and also is good passer.ballack- he is quite competetive doesnt giveup easily ,since some days klose- he has improved very much, now he is not a just a striker who will wait for a pass to come to his way,he make the move himself and not only for himself but also to others if they are in more right position than him.