God...there must be a God out there...

@Kat888 (16)
United States
August 7, 2007 4:18pm CST
I believe in God because for some things there are just not any plain explanations. I have been thru a lot (to say the least) but have always come out on top, even so in some situation I shouldn't have. Nature to me is the best example that we must have a God. I haven't seen any man-made creation that is as perfect as nature.
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• India
9 Aug 07
The day you start discovering GOD, you wouldnt need even the alphabets G O D to refer to him leave aside any of the numerous names given by man. It is an eternity, it doesnt bind you, it lets you free. Dont suffocate, dont bother, just Live. Every breath is yours, every feel is yours, every realisation is yours. God is not as specific as 'GOD is this and he wants this'. He is everything, everything that you can imagine and everything you cannot. And he wants nothing from you.