Is there something wrong with me? (Dizzy when I ride an elevator)

United States
August 7, 2007 9:38pm CST
I swear every time I ride an elevator I get really dizzy when I get off. I get teased a little about this, but I am very serious about it. It's not like super dizzy where I fall over, but it's kind of like getting really light headed or so. Does anyone else get dizzy when riding an elevator? I don't ALWAYS get dizzy, but the majority of the time I do.
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@Neriz69 (1042)
• Philippines
8 Aug 07
I also feel the same mild dizziness when riding the elevator. It also happens to me when riding the bus, especially air conditioned buses. I think I have what they call motion sickess. I also feel the same dizziness riding carnival rides like caterpillar, Ferriswheel and the like. Other than that I'm also anemic which aggravates the situation. There are a lot of over the counter medication for that, but I suggest that you go see your doctor first before popping anything into your mouth. Hope this helps.
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
8 Aug 07
Does something similar happen if you stand up quickly or make other rapid movements? Even if your answer is no, a couple or more possiblities still come to mind. I'm no doctor or anything, but from a physical standpoint you could look into 2 or 3 things. Is your blood pressure normal? Is your sugar level normal? Any inner ear problems or history of them? I'm thinking that the sudden starting and stopping, as well as altitude and or pressure changes that riding an elevator can produce could aggrevate any of these. Fluctuating blood pressure can be affected by sudden movements, especially up and down. People with hypoglycemia, sort of a low blood sugar I think, can be prone to dizziness. And of course the inner ear has a lot to do with balance, etc. None of these have to be particularly serious but they are something to check or ask your doctor about.
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@tkyass (133)
• Egypt
8 Aug 07
I think my friend you may have claustrophobia, which is a phobia from enclosed places. I think it's normal and many people do have such a thing.
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