Couture vs Gonzaga

@wurrmed (177)
August 7, 2007 11:41pm CST
awaiting for this fight. Physically Gonzaga is stronger he even knockout a strong fighter Crocop but technically Couture has the advantage. Who will win?
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8 Aug 07
We can't conclude that gonzaga is stronger than couture because you see couture is a world class wretler maybe you are pertaining to the size but did you see when couture fought the monster randelman? what he did with that fight is that he totally dismantled kevin and you should have idea how strong kevin is, and have you seen his fight with the big guy tim silvia? now if you think randy is not that strong and more technical then you watch again his fights.
@wurrmed (177)
• Philippines
9 Aug 07
Yup i saw the fight between couture and the maniac silvia, silvia is taller but it seems his body is not well toned has lot of fats than muscles it was my first time as well seeing gonzaga fight against crocop and with crocop seen a lot and this crocop guy well we all know how great this guy is and was totally demolished by gonzaga
@wurrmed (177)
• Philippines
31 Aug 07
Saw the fight and what a bloody mess gonzaga got ... couture is still the man
@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
9 Sep 07
I just got to see the fight because I have been so busy and what a great one it was. Couture is an enigma. He gets better as he ages. I suspected he would win because he has the amazing wrestling background and good wrestlers tend to be able to get the bigger guys off their feet with swift take downs but was anyone's fight. When I read Randy won, I was anxious to see the fight and now I am just more awed than before. He did break a bone in his arm from fending off a kick and he went on even after that to win. The man indeed!
@wurrmed (177)
• Philippines
10 Sep 07
A technical fighter indeed, used his brain better than his body