May I know what is IP address?

@cathylmg (283)
August 8, 2007 2:49am CST
I have posted in another forum but gotten no respond. So I post here again. Hope someone help me with this. What is it that ascertain this address? Is it tack to your computer? Your email address? Or internet service provider? Thanks in advance for your prompt attentions. cathylmg
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@madzie09 (279)
• Philippines
8 Aug 07
IP address or Internet Protocol address is the way in which computers on a network both communicate with each other and know where they all are in relation to one another. it is something like a mailing address for computers on the allows your email to arrive at the the right place and helps webpage customers to see the correct website.... :)
@cathylmg (283)
• Singapore
8 Aug 07
So am I right to say that it is tagged to my computer? How about same internet address but using a different computer this time? Is it still the same IP address? cathylmg