Am I right to feel annoyed?

August 8, 2007 4:55am CST
I joined a very popular direct sales company a cxouple of years ago but found it really hard going to get sales so gave it up. I decided it was time to get rid of all my stock so slashed prices and offered it all up for sale to other consultants. I recently sold a difficult to find necklace for &5 when it retails for &20 and having recieved an email yesterday as to why it hadn't arrived yet I got one this morning saying that there was a stone missing and she wanted a refund. I was quite annoyed to get such an email as the alleged stone is right at the bottom so wouldn't be noticed - it certainly wasn't by me - but the tone was that I had deliberately sold damaged goods. I pride myself on being honest and would not have put it up for sale if it was damaged, although I would have thought that such a low price for such a highly sought after piece would be enough but obviously not. So, I am right to feel annoyed?
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8 Aug 07
Believe it or not I can relate in more ways then I'd like to admit but like you I do show myself in a honest way. I'd actually hate to be forced to lie etc. You have every right to feel this way. :) Don't let it get to you though, I allowed bad things to destroy something and that took a piece of me away. I'm sure you'll come across those who appreciate it and these people are sadly around. (Give them a piece of what for) okay ignore that but... I'm saddened to hear this. GGP a scam/rip off merchant? no way.. that's what I say. kudos! ~joey
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9 Aug 07
Thanks for the reply Joey. I haven't heard anything as yet it was just the inferred tone from the message that bothered me really. It was like 'there is a stone missing and it's not in the packaging and there was no mention of damage when you sold it.' It was really just the fact that it was sold so cheaply that I wouldn't have thought it would be such a problem - if it is missing. I wasn't going to refund anyway until I got it back.
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10 Aug 07
Yes I think you have a right to feel annoyed. I live with the 'what goes around..comes around' principle. If you are a representative of a dirct marketing company it is important that you feel right about the goods you are selling. Over the years my hubby and I got involved with different direct sales companies and eventually got out of that business. Some of them have been able to stay around...but in my experience many of them end up folding. The only way I have ever been able to keep my values intact when representing a company on the front line was to try the products...use them and then feel enthusiastic about what I told others from a clear place. The moment a breach of trust occurs...I end the association. Like you I do not want to be associated with any company that cannot walk its talk and support their marketers by 'delivering' what they say they have. In my view, it is better than you know now rather than spending a lot of time and energy developing a down-line and then having this happen. More people under you...a lot more hassle when the company isn't able to hold up its end of the agreement.