how much did you make on mylot yesterday

August 8, 2007 6:50am CST
i think that the rate at which mylot pays per dissscussion is reducing as the day goes by and if something is not done soon. i might leave mylot. do you share the same view?
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8 Aug 07
i'm quite new to mylot so i don't know much about what the earning were like before other than what other members have said. On sunday and monday in earn't 14 and 18 c even though on these days i only posted a handful of responses, i seemed to get more than on a day i had posted loads ( perhaps not more in total but more for each post). This may be because on these days i didn't have a lot of time so i only responded to questions that truely interested me and that i thought i had good worthwhile answers for, therefore my quality was better. It's just an idea but could it be that some people are so caught up in making money they go for quantity rather than quality and so do not put as much time, effort and thought into there questions and answers. I think i'm gonna try it over the next few days. tomorro i will answer only 5 post but make sure they are fab quality and the next day i will answer 10, that i am peehaps not interested in, so i haven't got much to say and see which one works out more profitable.