What is Music to you?

August 8, 2007 8:08am CST
What is music to you? What is music for you? Does it mean anything to you? Does Music affect your life? Could it change your character, personality? Whatever opinion you have about music, just say it here.
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@avs189 (1030)
• India
8 Aug 07
It defenitely lifts me up whenver i am sad or depressed or lonely so that i dont feel alone,also it defenitely changed my mood and encourages me to face the problem more vigorously and with clean frame of mind without any confusions ...
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• China
8 Aug 07
i feel music like another real person that i can talk to and listen to, the one who can soothe my pain, the one who can calm my mood, the one who can stir my faith,the one who can always stay by my side whenever what i look like. music brings me another world that can enjoy and taste only by yourself.
@zaichn (319)
• Philippines
8 Aug 07
Music is my life coz my life is music. :) lol.. Music for me is definitely important. I can't live without it. Simply because it is like something I can go to depending on how I feel, what my mood is,etc.. Like if i feel so sad and depressed, I play my iPod and find slow ballads or love songs perhaps.. If im in the mood to dance, some beats like that of Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and akon's. :) It tells your mood. :)))
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