what do yo do when there is nothing to do???

bored  - bored girl
August 8, 2007 10:29am CST
ok i know it's a weird question but that's exactly the case. suppose that there is no movie you want to watch, no book you want to read, no internet site you want to visit, nobody you want to meet, nobody you want to talk on the phone, no food you want to eat, no game you want to play, and suppose that you can not sleep either.. what would you do to make the time pass???
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• India
8 Aug 07
I've never experienced this kind of a moment as my life has always been the busy kinds.But I guess at such a moment you have to force yourself into doing something or the other...like take a long walk,or compell yourself into any kind of a conversation with a close friend or relative,doing which you might be interested in doing something that interests you.As the saying goes"EMPTY MIND,DEVIL'S WORKSHOP",so you should keep yourself preoccupied...ALWAYS.Keep busy o trouble will keep you busy.Good luck!
@bluishrose (2291)
• Philippines
8 Aug 07
Oh got confuse there maybe just sit in our garden look up in the sky or count every car that passes by our house hehehe. Or just lie down in bed till i felll asleep.