what are the ways to deal with a drunk friend?

August 8, 2007 10:44am CST
we all find ourselves in such situations, don't we? we go to a bar with our close friends, everybody drinks, everybody dances and everybody enjoys the night. but then, one of them gets drunk and that is when things start to change. it is ok untill here right? but what would you do if you see one of your close friends doing inconvenient stuff because of the alcohol limit she/he exceeded? it is really hard to tell a drunk person that he/she is drunk and he/she has to stop. because after that night they may accuse you with interfering to their business. are there some sort of polite ways to deal with the drunks?
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• United States
9 Aug 07
Whats hard is telling them that they should stop. Sometimes their intoxication gets the best of their judgement and impairs their ability to think. That is when you should step in, and pull them aside, then take their drink out of their hand. Try that next time, and see if it works for you. When/ if they do accuse you of intefering with their buisiness, then just tell them that you thought it was the best for them, but if theyre questioning your nosy-ness then they probably arent your best friend anyway.
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9 Aug 07
The polite way to deal with a drunk is to just wait untill there sober and maybe tell them out the very next day.yeah sometinmes it all goes well and then they get very drunk and sometimes dont even know what they are doing and dont know what they are saying. Even if they were sober the next day and you are trying to explain or tell them what happen in the morning they would freak out and they wont even belive what you are saying the fact that they think that just because they were drinking and got drunk they are just lieing to the drinker/drunk...lol