Beaches Negril Jamaica

United States
August 8, 2007 1:38pm CST
My mother and I went there in September of 2000 - shortly after I was fired from 7-11. Indeed this made me forget the fact that I didn't have a job nor a lot of cash. My mom had won the trip through a radio station for a "couples" trip to the Bahamas but since it didn't STATE THAT and she didn't have a man. She asked the radio station if it could be changed and luckily enough - they said yes! We were only there for 3 days, 2 nights but well worth it none the less. My only regret is not having more money to spend - there was so many things I would have like to have done but was on limited cash flow because of my termination at 7-11. I remember one family there ( Beaches being for families and Sandals for couples ); they had been there for THREE weeks. They were an upperclass family from California. A lot of the natives from Jamaica told me there favorite show was "Walker: Texas Ranger" . All of the natives that I talked to were real nice and just wanted to learn about our culture. The restaurants there at the time - were amazing. I usually hit up there Southwest style restaurant for some amazing food and of course, my coke and jack. Of course, for my bottomless cup of booze at the time - my mom became convinced that I started sneaking booze at a young age. HAHAHA If you ever have a chance to drink a Cool Running, you should definitely go for it. I think that was the only drink I had after the first one. Made with Jamaica's famous Appleton Rum. My only problem was the drivers of the vans - they scared you know what out of me! I kept thinking they were going to drive off into the ocean. Eventually, I'm going to look into saving up to go back there for an extensive stay. More pictures, more booze and new things as well.
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
10 Aug 07
"My only problem was the drivers of the vans - they scared you know what out of me! I kept thinking they were going to drive off into the ocean" LOL yea Islanders drive like lunatics in comparison to what we are used to...I think part of it is the narrower roads and the twists and turns etc..When I was in St.Lucia my "brother" took us on a ride with him (he did part time taxi-ing) and it was nuts..he actually DID go off the road into the ditch actually which set me off since I was pregnant wiht my youngest child :-/ I've been to Jamaica a few times and absolutely LOVE it there! Its like home to me in so many ways ya know....
• United States
13 Aug 07
OH I loved it there too -- I would love to be able to visit at least once a year.
@ashlena (62)
• Canada
17 Oct 07
Jamaica is an amazing place i'm going back there in a couple of days actually. And i definitely agree with you the cab/van drivers are insane. I thought i was a bad was i wrong lol
@wiccania (3360)
• United States
8 Aug 07
Sounds like fun. I've always wanted to go to various tropical places, Jamaica being one of them. I think it would definitely be a good time.