hd dvd now blu-ray

@trinihd (996)
United States
August 8, 2007 2:33pm CST
Do I need to know about these things? It seems high definition (DVDs) is all the rage now, and you need a special player to view them....which I think mega-"bites" - pardon the pun! I really don't know if I care for that much "definition" in my video picture quality! Who wants to count their favorite actor's facial pores?! lol And now I keep hearing about blu-ray discs, and how much more data they can store and it seems every movie is being released on blu-ray disc as well....but apparently there are different versions? Is this like region issues with DVDs or is that something that is not an issue? Do I really need to know about blu-ray discs? Do you think blu-rays will eventually make dvds become extinct or will they continue to make dvds? What about longevity? Are blu-ray discs less prone to physical surface damage than DVDs e.g. by scratching which can affect playback? I might be interested in them if I knew they would last longer. I find DVDs get scratched too easily.
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