do you beleive?

August 8, 2007 4:34pm CST
do you beleive in love from the first look ? and you beleive it could countinueuntil the end or no
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• China
9 Aug 07
i dont believe the love in first sight and i will not also believe that it will continue until end because love doesnt mean first look and there are so many chapters or lessons in love without completing them it will not come to end. love is a connecting thread between two hearts. i want to give one example about mothers love.................. a boy is in love with a girl. one day the girl asked the boy to bring the heart of his mother. then he went to his mother and asked her heart as she was a great mother she gave it to his son. then he was going to his girl friend in a hurried manner then he felt down and the mothers heart felt away to him. then the mothers heart says my son becareful,see u were hurted by falling down................................. in this way the mothers love will be