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August 8, 2007 8:29pm CST
Last winter my husband brings home a little dog,he's house broken and all, only has accidents if he's sick.But it seems he is sick more than little,allergies the vet says.He is also loseing hair, shedding like crazy.When my hubby brought him home I said no way,I don't want a house dog! He said Aweeee honey look he likes you! and I still threw my fits and he still kept the darn thing.Now I have dog hair everywheres,and I smother sooooo bad,and I feel like I have dog hair at my nose and mouth,I am always hanging out my door spitting .I am the one who cleans up after it,and I mean I am the only one who takes care of him.I called my hubby up at work and told him that I have had it with the hair and I was going to get rid of him.He got mad at me and told me either find him a home or a bullit for him,and I have to do that too for our daughters outdoor dog Arrow.I have sat and cried over this.I can't take any more dog hair!And my kids all have threw a fit over me even thinking of giving him away.Any ideas on what to do or how to handle this.I am all but lost here.One time a few months ago I was so sick and I couldn't sleep in my room due to no air and it was soooo hot in there, I was going to sleep in one of my kids beds with them, and each bed I went to there was dog hair by the millions on the sheets, so I slept sitting in a arm chair that I sweep every hour or so to keep the hair off of.And when I told my hubby I then was going to give him away then, he said if you do I am leave too.See how dog gone crazy is my household?!
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@crazed_moma (1054)
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9 Aug 07
lol IKWYM I nearly got rid of my dogs but my kids turned on the water works and here we are! Try petco/petsmart and see if they have special combs to help keep the shedding down and tell the kids and hubby THEY need to do it. I think there are anti-shedding shampoos too but I'm not sure how effective they are. OR you could get the dog a dog house and keep it outside. :)