Cheeseroller game

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August 9, 2007 8:32am CST
Has anyone played the cheeseroller game? I have only played it once because I just recently was able to find a few cheese names. I wanted to share the cheese names I had found so if anyone else was trying to figure it out. The cheese names I have found are: Quadruple Fudge Cheese, Brick, and Ummagine. Also I was wondering if anyone else knows any other cheese names for the game cheeseroller? Please share!
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29 Dec 10
I think I played the cheeseroller game once and I never touched it again. I much prefer the other games.
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17 Sep 07
I've never played it for the same reason you hadn't, I couldn't find cheese. I do know that has extensive lists and guides, so you might check there to see if they have lists of cheese names. By the time I found that site, I had forgotten about cheeseroller, so I never thought to check the look, but the rest of the site is great and full of detail so I am sure they would have a great list.
@Seaclans (215)
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9 Aug 07
I haven't played it more than once, since it seemed like a way to waste neopoints for the most part. I'll have to try it again. Thanks for the names, if I spot anymore I'll let you know. You might try some of the neopet user run sites, one of them is bound to have a faq on it. Try doing a search for "neopets hints." Even if you can't find this particular form of help, they often have useful things such as quick links to daily to-dos, item lists, and game passwords.