Do you listen to your gut instincts?

United States
August 9, 2007 9:24am CST
Recently I was greatly looking foward to a road trip. I was graciously asked along for the company, and I had been looking foward to it for the past three months. Then about two weeks ago, I started doubting if I should even go because I started having nightmares. Well during the week of the trip most of my loved ones said that they were against me going on this trip, and that they feared for me. Then the night before the trip I didn't sleep at all having images of death flashing through my mind. In the morning I grabbed my bag and headed off for my friends house, when I lost my keys, had two road detours that were not there the night before, and a growing knot was engulfing my stomach. By the time I arrived I was sick but determined to go, since I had never seen that part of the country, and I had given my word. I loaded my things and headed out and as we began the pain in my stomach brought me to tears. Well they turned around and dropped me off by my car. And as I watched them drive away I was greatly dissapointed, but the heavy feeling I had been carry lifted instantly. What would you have done, and did I do the right thing? or was I paranoid?
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