At what point do you stop being friends with a friend?

United States
August 10, 2007 8:47am CST
I have a few friends that I am considering revoking their friendship passes. I am not simply being mean but in my life right now their are causing me some issues. I have one friend that I babysit for who never pays me on time, and when she does there is always a sob story to accompany the money. She is a single parent of one who makes 53 grand a year. I know why she never has money because she spends it like water. She is always taking the neighborhood kids out to the pool, out to eat, movies or great adventure and never asks me son.And I know she pays for at least 2 of the kids. She never invites my son to any of their adventures. Even though he is in the same age group of the other kids and her son is only 4 years old. My other friend is a topper, if I say I went shopping and caught a great sale, she went shopping and was the 1 millionth customer some where and revcd her entire purchase for free. If I said I got a $50 bonus from my job she recvd a $1,000 bonus from her dentist just because she is a great person. But the worst friend that I need to get rid of is the most important, I just found out that she is a drug dealer. How did I find out she confessed to me, she seen I was getting suspiciou about her childs enrollment into a private school, her having 2 cars and no job. The first woman I have only been friends with for about 3 years the other 2 women I have known and been friends with for 20 plus years. Do you have any friend you need to get rid of.
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@ladybug565 (2217)
• United States
11 Aug 07
I have a friend I need to get rid of. We have been friends for a couple of years now. She let me stay with her when i lost my place from a flood along with everything else I owned. well, I payed half the rent plus all the electric there. when I recieved money to help get back on my feet I helped her get some things she needed and gave her $1500.00. not a problem. now we live across from each other and what is hers is hers what is mine is community property. She borrowed $250.00 from my bf to put her truck on the road, and said when she sold her car she would pay him back, she did not and now he is mad at me!!!
@jothis (519)
• India
11 Aug 07
Whenever you find that your friends are utilising the friendship you please stop the friendship with them