ask for help..please!!

@FishXu (14)
August 10, 2007 12:47pm CST
i am a college student in China and come from the countryside .my parents are both labor workers and work all day to support the 5-person family including my younger brother and old grandpa with little wage.we just go by so many years.what makes it worse is that my mom is diagnosed to be seriously ill.luckily she was operated immediatelly and is picking up.but what's on our mind is that it cost all our savings.we can't make the end meets.i recognized the importance to make money during this summer and i really took some part-time jobs .the fact is that my mom is still laid up at home.the daily expense comes only from my dad and me.but it's far far from enough.besides,we've got several debts.the semester season is coming and i am really anxious. my dear friends here,if you have some ways to make enough money in a short time,will you please message me?i really need money for the moment being.i'll appreciate your kindness and best wishes to you all!
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