How often do you wash your car?

@Kowgirl (3491)
United States
August 10, 2007 1:41pm CST
I have a friend who washes her car every 2 weeks. I was wondering if this was bad for the paint on the car or if it was good. I try to wash mine about once a month depending on how dirty it is. It isn't drove a lot so I don't think it needs to be washes as often. How often do you wash your car?
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• United States
16 Aug 07
I think washing your car often is good for you. Dirt, salt, etc, cause erosion and rust on your car over time so it's good to get all that stuff off. I don't drive places very often so our van is clean most of the time. Although the road infront of our house is gravel, so it is usually dusty. I swear if my husband had time he would was it every other week at least. Whenever he owns his own truck (semi-truck) I'm sure he'll wash it every week if he has time. By then the boys will be able to help him. I'm hoping that will be a while down the road yet though. Me, I rarely wash the van. Mostly because I know my hubby will do it before I get to it. And he's really particular about doing it. I let him do it all if he's home. If I do it and he's home, he still has to go over the van after I've washed it. Drives me nuts!
@Feona1962 (7527)
• United States
14 Aug 07
We wash ours about once a month, maybe. Our neighbor washes his just about every day. It doesn't seem to have an affect on the car. We have taken ours to a car wash a couple times.
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
i am surprise to hear that you guys wash your cars only once or twice in a month! If you are wondering whether it would bee bads on your car paint, no.Here in the philippines we wash our cars as often as we can.if we can wash them everyday, we will because of the environmental condition we have. we are a tropical country. car paints are meant to withstand such conditions,washing cars included. it has a protective coating that makes it sparkle and shine .so, in actuality you are washing the coating and not the paint itself.
@tute_cute (318)
• Indonesia
10 Aug 07
i wash my car every sunday.....and i'd love to do it together with my friends
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