why you join mylot.......whats your purpose.....is it to earn or for friendship

August 10, 2007 10:25pm CST
me i dont know whats my motive....i want to earn but i think its hard to earn in mylot....a lot of people is not believing on me and was able to invite only 6 neophytes for mylot whats should i do.....help me give me some tips....
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@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
11 Aug 07
My main purpose is to earn some ideas from my mylot firneds and second porpose is for extra money!
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
11 Aug 07
I really have no idea on what this site offers at first, because I was quite skeptic in getting payed here by just posting. I have joined other forum sites before, but none of them payed and mostly are from Philippines(Local). So I am not really into making money here, I was just curious on how an international site works and does. I was curious of other people, their cultures and just to keep myself aware of the latest happenings around the world. I was lucky that mylot gave me more than I expected. Aside from money and friends, it also taught me in my english communicating skills, the informations I get here and be a more patient person. Earning here is really hard, so you have to be more patient. Post here and participate more, make advantage of the opportunities that mylot offers here. Aside from giving referrals, earn by uploading photos on the "interest" section. Here is the link, to make you understand more about it: http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/276129.aspx
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
11 Aug 07
You will learn a lot of things here in mylot...friendship, nice discussions and at the same time you earn too. Just post many interesting topics you want ...everybody wil be responding.
@joshboz (1214)
• Australia
11 Aug 07
i think your motive is to earn money more than frinedship here coz if you do enjoy our discussion and topics you just think of the cash earned as bonuses from what you do. your right its really hard to earn here and referral thing is a good way of helping you earn. try to contact the neophytes to stay here in mylot what i mean answer there discussion that they have started so that they get motivated. make them enjoy here buy giving them tips and reason why should they stay. just like mylot is a place that you really need to be industrious in answering comments and get paid for your hard work or mylot will developed your social skill of dealing with other people around the world. no similar site offer the same way that mylot offer. i hope it's enough.