Fruits Or Flowers...?

August 10, 2007 11:59pm CST
My mom and my aunts have different hobbies in growing plants. Two of my aunts like to grow flowers. They both have quite mane flowers growing in their front yard. They are all lovely. But my mom, she like to grow fruits and vegetables. There are a big yard behind our house and my mom grows so many fruits there, so many kinds of manggoes, papayas, chilies, vegatbles and so many others So, what would you like to grow?
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• Malaysia
11 Aug 07
I like both my dear friend. But preferably more on fruits as fruits are good for our physical health(digestive system). Whereas flowers are good for our mind thru aroma therapy. For fruits I take it daily and for 7 type of flowers once in a month for my therapy bathing. Don't you take your therapy bathing for flowers? or just nice for your eyeballs.
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