Has anyone lost a spouse over infertility?

United States
August 11, 2007 6:28am CST
Just the other day I had to explain to yet another of my friends here in CA why it was that my ex husband and I are exes. Somehow she had missed the first bulletin, or was trying to soothe her own soul I'm not really sure, but here's the deal. He had two children from a previous marriage and wanted a large family. I on the other hand wanted all that but couldn't concieve sooo...he found someone who could and bailed on me. Last I heard they were already popping out baby number two between themselves. Point being this: my friend just couldn't understand why he split and continued to question this. Is it really that unbelievable that a couple would not make it through the loss of onebaby and then the further lack of any more after that? I don't believe so, but I could be worng. Thoughts please...
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