Tabula Rasa Beta

August 11, 2007 7:00am CST
Is anyone else here in the (Richard Garriot's) Tabula Rasa Beta, I started playing yesterday for the first time. I like the graphics and the fact it's a shooter but there are also some mayor flaws at the moment: 1.Enemies seem to be able to hit any moving target unless the stats make em miss, this is normal in other MMOs where hitting and evading is a chance, but in this game wich has some mayor shooter characteristics it shouldn't be on chance but if the enemie misses its a miss. 2. You die very easily, atleast till where I am which is level 7 at the moment. 3. Sometimes quests are a little vague, but most are quite clear. Well share your opinions on this game.
2 responses
@viruzxp (63)
• Malaysia
13 Sep 07
saw the trailer, and it was greeeeat!!!
@guteco2 (11)
• Brazil
17 Aug 07
lol nice game i will play