buying refferalls dont help eighter

August 11, 2007 2:21pm CST
I buy last week 200 refferalls but does it helps no they click for 1 dollar a day but do you know what they cost lol if u wanna make money just click for free dont buy any thing than u can make some profit I have a lot of money that I should better had trowing away instead of pay to scam . why do we ppl all whant money so bad cause most of us just simply need it just like me but beleve me there ar people who laughing there ( .....) off cause they ar getting rich over our stupidness I know that I am free to pay or not but heey if they promise you a few bucks you r ready to get them but every time I get a nothing . how sad I wish there whas somebody who really could catch all those sites and destroy them cause so many people get nothing and you know you ar feeling down the whole time cause you lose again and beleve some one again and again and again. isnt there any body on the internet who make his promise come true nope forget that. maybe its an idea for somebody to start a site where u can give all the bad links and that they going to find that scam who ruin a lot of peoples lifes I would be the first and beleve me I have a lot of links that I can give them. maybe there already is an site like that if somebody know please tell me I will rrrrrun to it thank you for reading this.and have a very nice day you all. kisses from holland (the netherlands)
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