Do you think you should have your mom clean your house?

United States
August 11, 2007 3:01pm CST
Awhile back I was watching an episode of Wife Swap (ABC) and saw a man who had put his elderly mom to work cleaning his own home! Of course the lady insisted that she loved taking care of his home and children, but I thought it was so unfair, since his own wife never lifted a finger around the house. And, I thought having one's relatives clean the house was a novel concept. But, later found out that another woman I know asks her own mom to keep her house clean! I could never do that. I figure that if I can't keep my own house clean, then I don't want anyones help doing it. Well, maybe I would hire a maid service or cleaning company if I really couldn't clean my own house, but I can't imagine that I would ever ask relatives to do the cleaning for me. Of course, we all understand that there are situations where a person can't clean their own home, like when they are recovering from surgery or very pregnant. But, some people just don't like to clean and use other people to do the job. How about you? Would you ever ask your mom or grandmother to come over to clean your house for you?
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
11 Aug 07
Well I know my mom usually cleans most of the house but I have to clean my room and my entertainment room because those are the two rooms that I stay in and I think my mother should clean the rest of the house because I dont go into other rooms like her so I wouldnt know where to put stuff that she would want it and it would be very dissorganized so she only wants me to clean what ever room I go into.
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@youless (94719)
• Guangzhou, China
14 Aug 07
No, of course not. I think it's too wrong and very selfish to ask mom to clean the house for me. That's not possible. I am not a kid any more. I can do it by myself or hire someone to do the cleaning work. I will never ask my mom to do so. All my mom has to do is enjoying her time and be happy everyday. She can go shopping, chat with friends etc. but just don't clean the house for me.
• United States
15 Aug 07
Exactly. Adults need to clean up after them selves! Even if my mom lived close enough i wouldn't ask. Right after I had the twins my MIL did come and help out with the other three kids and the house work but that was only 1 week and special circumstances. :)
@carlaabt (3505)
• United States
14 Aug 07
My mom has cleaned my house every time she's been to my house since I've been married. BUT the first time she came up, I was sick multiple times every day because I had morning sickness so bad with my son. I was also working, and my mom would clean my house and cook and stuff while I was at work both days that I had to work while she was here. I tried to tell her she didn't need to, especially when I was home, but she said she wanted to since I was so sick with my son. She felt sorry for me because she never had morning sickness with any of us. The second time she was here, was right after my son was born. She came up the same day that I got out of the hospital. My house was a mess because I had such a hard time going up and down the stairs at the end of my pregnancy. My mom cleaned my house top to bottom and got our laundry all caught up while she was here. My little sister came with her, and cooked and cleaned as well. I would have felt incredibly guilty if I hadn't just given birth. Next time my mom comes up, my house is going to be clean, and I'm not going to let her clean at all. I say that now, but my mom loves cleaning, so she will probably still clean some, but I will try to make it so there isn't much for her to do.
@maddysmommy (16233)
• United States
14 Aug 07
I don't think I would ever ask my grandmother but when I fell pregnant with my son and stayed with my sister when i flew over to NZ to have my son, my mom came around every day and helped me out after I gave birth, she was brilliant and I was so happy to have her there helping me out. I went through a hard time giving birth and even though I didn't want to ask,she insisted helping out around the house and with the washing and sorts. When my mom came to stay with us in Samoa, she could not sit still. She came over for a holiday and I told her to relax and not do anything, but she could not help it. As soon as I got home everything was done, it was just what she did.
@navtech (1776)
• India
13 Aug 07
Dear beautyqueen26, It is horrible to think that a man asking her mother to clean the house when he has a wife. In our country we always see that our mother rest in easy chair and giving orders to others to do the job. Cleaning the house by my mother. My god it is horrible. I will do it myself in case my wife to do it. We will throw our wives in case she makes my mother to do any manial job. Of course When I married, I told my wife before marriage, she should do all the work of the house and should not expect my father to do anything because I lost my beloved mother long time back. She agreed and honoured. My father used to praizs my wife always but he never said anything good of me to wife. We have great respect for my father and mother.
@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
12 Aug 07
OMG-- Never ! I would never expect my mom to clean my house- I mean sure if I was sick or having surgery I'm sure she would come up and help- but even then it's not her job- I would feel so wrong even asking her to do it- I would clean my parents house for them though- They were in a motorcycle accident a few years back and I would go to their house before coming home from work and cook dinner- Help my mom shower- and pick up the house- then come home and do it- It's supposed to be that way- Not your mom doing you work!
@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
11 Aug 07
My mom passed on (much too soon) but I NEVER would have asked or wanted her to clean my house. She worked all her life inside and outside the home and, if I had the chance, I would bring her here and make her relax and enjoy herself, not clean. I am not saying that because she is gone. I felt that way when she was alive as well. I invited her here so she could chill a little because she would never relax or sit down at home. No, I wouldn't ask any relative to clean my house but I sure would love SOMEONE to. lol.